Nothing about us without us?

Roma participation in knowledge production and policy-making

11-13 October 2014

The three-day-long event sought to explore the institutional and systemic obstacles to the substantive participation of Romani organizations, researchers, and concerned citizens in policies and representations affecting their lives. Despite the increasing attention of international organizations and national governments to the plight of citizens of Romani origin, their social status has not improved significantly. It appears that neither Romani citizens, nor ‘the majority society’ are aware of and identify with the noble principles underlying such efforts. External pressure has not been coupled with dynamic social movements demanding the emancipation of Roma, the strengthening of democratic solidarity, and a culture of equality and diversity. On the contrary: nationalist and racist movements are on the rise, liberal approaches are openly negated by leading politicians throughout Europe, Roma are increasingly the targets of expulsion, marginalization, and segregation.

Organizers: Maria Bogdan, Jekatyerina Dunajeva, Timea Junghaus, Iulius Rostas, Marton Rovid, Andrew Ryder, Marek Szilvasi, Marius Taba



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