Former events

2014, June 3
Discussing post-colonial approaches to the plight of Roma
Tímea Junghaus, Giovanni Picker


2014, 25 March
Emancipation struggles, empowerment experiments: lessons from the United States, Catalonia, and Romania
Ábel Bereményi, Iulius Rostas, Michael Simmons


2014, April 3
The Roma and School Segregation
Iulius Rostas, Andrew Ryder, Orsolya Szendrey

2013, November 19
Discussing the anti-Roma marches in the Czech Republic
Nikola Ludlova, Marek Szilvasi

2013, May 29-31
Roma Participation, Empowerment, Emancipation
3-day-long event
Workshop: Theoretical Approaches to Roma Empowerment (29 May)
Workshop: Roma Empowerment – Lessons and Potentials (30 May)
Conference (31 May)
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2013, February 19
Discussing the plight of Roma in Italy
Rosi Mangiacavallo, Marcello Cassanelli

2013, January 19
Discussing early marriages
Crina Marina Morteanu

2012, December 5
Discussing Roma education – empowerment – assimilation
Katya Dunajeva, Marius Taba, Iulius Rostas

2012, October 31
Social Inclusion and the Roma in Romania
Claudia Bercus, Daniel Radulescu

2012, September 11
Discussing the place of Beas/Rudari identity within the Roma movement
Angela Costescu, Anna Orsos

2012, May 25
Working together for Roma Inclusion in the School and Community

2012, April 12
Roma in the Baltic states: discussing the blind spot of Romani activism and policy
Katya Andrejeva, Kaidi Ilves, Ana Rozanova

2012, March 8
Discussing the plight of Roma in France
Gregoire Cousin

2012, February 13
Participation and Partnership in Policy Formulation and Monitoring
Iulius Rostas, Andrew Ryder

2011. December 8
Discussion on the recent anti-Roma events in Bulgaria
Angel Ivanov, Dzhevid Mahmud, Violeta Naydenova, and Georgia Efremova

2011, September 15
Gyongyospata and conflict resolution
Kristof Szombati

2011, April 6
Campaigning and organisational development in the UK
Marc Willers

2011, February 24
Discussing two local empowerment projects
Barbara Bodorkos, Andrew Ryder

2011, January 27
Discussing the expulsion of Roma from France
Marton Rovid