Workshop: Theoretical Approaches to Roma Empowerment (29 May)

Date: 29 May 2013

Venue: Corvinus University of Budapest, Közraktár utca 4-6. (the new building of the university)

The workshop brings together young social scientists to discuss normative questions of Roma empowerment in the context of the Europeanization of the “Roma problem”.

The interest in Roma as a policy issue accelerated dramatically after Romania and Bulgaria joined the EU. During the run-up to 2004/2007 enlargement, the European Commission put the spotlight on the unsatisfactory practices of EU candidate countries regarding their minority communities and pressed for stringent non-discrimination policies regarding Romani communities specifically. Since 2007, existing approaches to Romani empowerment have run into a threefold conundrum.

First, non-discrimination strategies often essentialised minority group identities and suggested that members across a particular group share same needs, while ignoring the internal divisions and differences. Second, policies advocating preferential treatment and positive discrimination have been often perceived as discriminatory as they bestow rights and privileges onto some and not other individuals working off, again a group identity. Third, policies of inclusion and non-discrimination have proven contentious in ensuring minority groups’ presence and voice in society, as they have had to redistribute resources from the already empowered groups downwards.

The invited address one or several of the three issues outlined above. The aim of the workshop is to allow for an in-depth discussion of a limited number of young scholars.


The accepted papers are circulated prior to the workshop for peer review. At the workshop, participants present their papers in maximum 15 minutes. A discussant has 10 minutes to make comments and raise questions. The presenter responds in maximum 5 minutes to be followed by an open discussion.

Supporting organizations: UACES CRN Romanis in Europe, Corvinus University of Budapest, Roma Research and Empowerment Network

Organizers: Timofey Agarin ( and Marton Rovid (


The abstracts of the selected papers can be downloaded from here.


The schedule of the workshop is accessible here. The detailed schedule of the three-day event is accesible here.

Please note that this is a closed workshop for selected participants and the selection procedure has been closed.